Editorial Office


World Scientific News



Dr. Tomasz Borowski


E-mail address:   world.scientific.news@wp.pl



Publisher’s address:


Scientific Publishing House “DARWIN”

22, Adama Mickiewicza Street, 78-520 Złocieniec, District Drawski, West Pomerania, Poland




Financing and Sponsorship

The work of the Institute is funded by its own resources received by sponsors and private persons. These funds are used primarily for the maintenance of two international scientific journals and a global catalogue of scientific journals. Therefore, the Institute asks potential sponsors and private persons to pay any sums of money to the following bank account number.


  1.  World Scientific News (e-ISSN 2392-2192)
  2. World News of Natural Sciences (e-ISSN 2543-5426)
  3. World Catalogue of Scientific Journals

    4.  The Institute of Biopaleogeography named under Charles R. Darwin

Name of Bank:


BS Kalisz Pomorski

No IBANL:  PL 42 8570 1012 3922 4448 3000 0020