World Scientific News (WSN) – interdisciplinary journal is directed in the first place to scientists who want to publish their findings, insights, observations, conclusions, etc., related to: social and humanistic sciences, science and technology, natural sciences in a short space of time.

Within the scope of social and humanistic sciences: anthropology, archaeology, criminology, law and justice, economy and business, education, linguistics, communication studies, literature, history, religious sciences, political science, sociology, human geography, culture and life, music, philosophy, psychology, didactics, (etc.).

Within the scope of science and technology: inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, instrumental analysis, chemical technology and engineering, materials engineering, biochemistry and biotechnology, pharmaceutics and chemistry of medicines, environmental protection, nano-technology, classical mechanics, classical electrodynamics, electronics and electrical engineering, computer sciences, theoretical mathematics and applied, thermodynamics and static mechanics, quantum mechanics and theory of relativity, particle physics, nano-technology, cosmology, plasma physics, planetary systems, black holes, nebulae, galaxies, astrophysics, meteorites, didactics, (etc.).

Within the scope of natural sciences: life sciences, biology, pharmacy, medicine, healthcare, veterinary medicine, animal and agriculture, food sciences, environment and protection of environment, forest sciences and ecology, botany, zoology, geography and tourism, architecture of scenery, oceanography, chemistry and phisics of atmosphere, geology, palaeontology, didactics, (etc.).

  • Since 2015, the minimum number of 11-12 pages of your submitted manuscript can be directed to the review process before the paper is considered for publication in the World Scientific News.
  • Short communications of 2-6 pages are also accepted for publication in WSN. They should be concise covering a clearly presented idea.
  • Beginning from 2017, all scientific papers to be published in the international journal World Scientific News have to contain citations of articles coming from well-known prestigious international scientific journals (only). They are the formal conditions before a paper is to be directed to reviewers. Papers submitted to the Editor, containing references of other source or provenience will not be considered for publications in World Scientific News.
  • It is not allowed to put Internet pages in References of the paper. Eventually, some Internet data may be inserted inside the text of the article.
  • Peer-reviews of papers and publication of articles in World Scientific News are free of charge.
  • Information of the form and style of submitted articles is presented in the section “Instruction for Authors”.
  • Address for submitting articles is presented in the section “Submit your Article”.
  • All published articles are presented in the section “View Articles”.

Post-conference papers and multi-author reports coming from the scientific conferences may be considered for publication in World Scientific News after submitting them in accordance with the „Instruction for Authors”.



Dr. Tomasz Borowski