Volume 179 (2023), pp. 1-164


  1. Comparative Predictions of the Flow Characteristics of Viscous Nanofluid in a Porous Channel with Expanding/Contracting Walls under the Influence of Magnetic Field
    Authors: S. A. Oladosu, R. O. Kuku, M. G. Sobamowo, 179 (2023) 1-26
    WSN 179 (2023) 1-26
  2. Structural, morphological, optical and antimicrobial studies on green synthesized copper nanoparticles
    Authors: Kavitha Balakrishnan, Nirmala Murugesan, 179 (2023) 27-40
    WSN 179 (2023) 27-40
  3. Diameter distribution models for selected plantations in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria
    Authors: P. O. Ige, and Z. T. Animashaun, 179 (2023) 41-53
    WSN 179 (2023) 41-53
  4. Phytochemical screening of Eucalyptus citriodora L. leaf and insecticidal activity of the leaf oil extracts against Sitophilus zeamais (Motschulsky, 1855) infesting three varieties a maize in storage
    Author: Olusola Michael Obembe, 179 (2023) 54-68
    WSN 179 (2023) 54-68
  5. Effect of Different Mixed Feeding at Optimum Temperature for Induction of Gonadal Maturation of Broodstock Transgenic Mutiara Catfish G4 in Outdoor Hatchery
    Authors: Ulmi Irfaxoh, Ibnu Dwi Buwono, Lantun Paradhita Dewanti, Yuniar Mulyani, 179 (2023) 69-80
    WSN 179 (2023) 69-80
  6. Profile of Mini Purse Seine Fishing Gear in the Java Sea (Case Study: Dadap Fishing Port in Indramayu Regency, Indonesia)
    Authors: Muhammad Adhietya Ramadhani Burhanuddin, Lantun Paradhita Dewanti, Ayi Yustiati, Mochamad Rudyansyah Ismail, 179 (2023) 81-92
    WSN 179 (2023) 81-92
  7. A Preliminary Study on Status, Guild and Diversity of Avifaunal Species in and around Serampore, Jolkol, Hooghly District, West Bengal, India
    Author: Md. Abu Imran Mallick, 179 (2023) 93-111
    WSN 179 (2023) 93-111
  8. Exploring the Significances of Surface Energy, Initial Stress and Nonlocality Effects on Vibration of Carbon Nanotubes Conveying Fluid Resting on Elastic Foundations in a Magneto-Thermal Environment
    Authors: Moborukoje K. Isreal, Suraju A. Oladosu, Rafiu O. Kuku, Gbeminiyi M. Sobamowo, 179 (2023) 112-134
    WSN 179 (2023) 112-134
  9. Challenges of effective implementation of work-life balance policy and factors affecting organisational commitment in selected insurance companies in Delta State, Nigeria
    Authors: Ugo Chuks Okolie, Akpomuvire Mukoro, Atare Otite, 179 (2023) 135-145
    WSN 179 (2023) 135-145
  10. A Simplified Design Procedure of Settling Basins with Inclined Plates in Irrigation Canal Network Using Trapping Efficiency Criterion
    Authors: Abdelkarim D. Elfadil, Hassan Ibrahim Mohammed, Abbas ElSheikh, Wasfi Hamad Abu Sador, 179 (2023) 146-164
    WSN 179 (2023) 146-164